Sunday, August 17, 2008

Morning from our house in Reichenbach
The Police caught the kids and locked them in the highest tower in Ulm
This is the tallest church in the world. We are in Ulm where Albert Einstein was born. The pictures are us going up the 768 steps to the top

Goose Attackers in English Gardens in Munich (Ihave not figured out how to arrange pics in order)

My favorite store

We went wild and stacked rocks
subway in Munich
Tauni getting a blessing for her nieces
Girls in shopping mode. Do not believe that everyone speaks English Good thing dads German is so good. We couldnt buy anything

Shopping at Bad Tölz

Sheila needs to use the bathroom

Cows and daughters in Austria. Guess who is who

Austrian Alps

Can you see Ellisha and Mom in the Alps

Does this help(pic is sideways here but right up above)
Hanna likes cow bells

Hanna after being hit by a cow

Suicide Chess. Notice Hanna likes peaches
Pictures with the local Bavarians
Our First Hawk to celebrate October Fest
Note who is holding the beer. Tauni is not happy but we are.
They also play a mean tuba

cool hike
notice cool dad in middle
Me dont speak German. Something about the way we were going was dangerous

Woops we must really like Austria

Hanna with butterfly

Us climbing to a dangerous tunnel note that picture is sideways for those of you where it is late

This is where kids jump from. They only do it once